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Twitch Overlay has been the home of stream overlay & alert downloads since 2014. Here you'll find premium and free OBS overlay templates and more in a range of styles, all compatible with OBS Studio & Streamlabs Desktop for your Twitch & YouTube Gaming streams.

Twitch Overlay

Stream overlay templates & alerts for OBS Studio & Streamlabs

Our overlays include collections of stream graphics to decorate and inform from top to bottom, with webcam frames, social media panels, stream info panels to show off follows & subs, twitch alerts, and even more.

Downloads include standard graphic types (PNG, GIF, JPG), all workable with Streamlabs Desktop, OBS Studio, and xSplit. Some even feature Streamlabs Desktop .OVERLAY files to make importing a breeze. Usable for any streaming platform (YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming) as well as Twitch.

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Top Twitch Overlay templates this December

A premium overlay is the ideal next step as your journey in streaming picks up momentum. Most of our premium OBS overlays include a large array of graphics that help highlight aspects of your stream, and celebrate or shoutout your loyal fans.

Our library of designs currently sits at over 130 premium Twitch overlays, alerts, and packages meaning that there's a design to fit every vibe. What's more, when you find a design you like and want that finishing touch added look for the Professional Customisation option where available.

Premium Twitch Overlays

Pure Valor twitch overlay

VX Pro Stream Overlay

Among the most downloaded in 2022, and the top-selling design on the site since its debut in 2017. Available in a range of colors, all featuring simple yet defined animations to keep your stream engaging.

Pure Valor twitch overlay

Pure Valor Twitch Overlay

Pure Valor features a glitchy yet minimal stream overlay & fully animated alerts that'll make your stream pop. Package includes animated stream screens, as well as profile panels, and banner/avatar.

Customise the Gothicon Twitch Overlay
Customise the Kyut Twitch Overlay
Customise the Razor Purple Twitch Overlay
Customise the Rusted Titan Twitch Overlay

Customise your Twitch Overlay

One of the unique things offered at Twitch Overlay is Pro Customisation. This allows you to have a number of our Premium Overlays and Packages customised with your stream name and social info.

Just look for the Pro Customisation buy option on applicable design pages to get your preferred visuals personalised.

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Popular Twitch Overlays

Future War – Electric Stream Package

Future War

Future War is an electric animated stream overlay package featuring charged stream alerts, streaming soon & BRB screens, and loads of extras.

Kyut – Cute Stream Package


A cute stream package featuring natural pastels and a spring theme. Includes animated transition screens, alerts, profile panels and more.

Gothicon – Gothic Stream Package


A darkly gothic stream package with steampunk & magic inspired overlay elements, animated twitch alerts, starting soon & BRB screens and more.

Everything you need in one stream package

Our Stream Packages aim to give you everything your Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or Facebook Gaming stream needs in one download. From stream overlay, to streaming soon & BRB screens, stream alerts, profile panels, and a banner & avatar. All provided in matching styles to keep your look consistent.

These are provided as standard graphic types, all workable with Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and xSplit. Some even feature Streamlabs OBS .OVERLAY files to make importing a breeze.

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Razor Purple Stream Package

Razor Purple

Razor is an all-time classic on the site, featuring clean metallic webcam, header, animated alerts, and more. Purple show above, but pick it up in multiple colorways for your Twitch or YouTube stream.

Rusted Titan – Fire Stream Package

Rusted Titan

Rusted Titan is a volcanic and firey animated stream package featuring animated header, alerts, starting soon & BRB screens, plus loads more. Works with Streamlabs Desktop and OBS Studio.

latest stream overlay

Latest Stream Overlay - Ghost Rising Deluxe

Ghost Rising is the most downloaded free overlay of 2022, and is now available as a complete minimal stream package. It features subtle animated alerts, overlay graphics, starting soon & BRB screens, and loads more.

See Ghost Rising Deluxe

Stream Overlay vs Stream Package

Stream Overlay vs. Stream Package - which one is for you?

If you're totally new to streaming there can be a little confusion when browsing the site as some folks may see the term "stream overlay" as a catch all for everything related to your stream. An overlay is actually just a section, and one of many parts that make up a stream package, although it is arguably the most important part!

Your Twitch overlay goes right over the top of your most important stream content, whether that's gameplay, a browser, or a cam. Its purpose is to enhance that content and give it a sense of style and identity consistent with your vibe as a channel. If you're interested in taking an in-depth look at how to use a stream overlay then this article may be helpful.

What else makes up a stream package?

Stream Screens

These are full-window graphics that normally occupy their own scenes in OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop, and feature messaging to let viewers know a stream is starting or ending, or that you'll BRB.

Profile Banner & Avatar Templates

Keeping your stream branding and identity consistent beyond your live stream, these are provided to easily edit and use on Twitch, social media, and anywhere else you'd like to keep your visuals consistent. Alternatively, these can be edited for you as part of Pro Customisation orders.

Profile Panels

Profile panels (also referred to as profile graphics, or profile headings) are graphics for the about section of your channel. Once again, ensuring the look and vibe of your channel carries from online to offline.

VX Pro Chroma used in example on left

Quick & easy stream overlay setup in Streamlabs Desktop with .OVERLAY files

Most of our premium overlays & packages feature a .OVERLAY file, allowing you to very quickly and easily install your download in essentially one click on Streamlabs Desktop.

What is a .OVERLAY file?

.OVERLAY files are package files specific to Streamlabs Desktop, they allow you to export/import all your scenes and the contents within them, placing it all in just one file.

Can I use a .OVERLAY file with OBS Studio or OBS.Live?

No, .OVERLAY files are specific to Streamlabs Desktop. However, you can still install everything you find in a premium download to either OBS Studio or OBS.Live. These downloads use standard graphics and video types, so it's all fully compatible. The process will be a little more manual, as you'll need to drag elements in and arrange them yourself.

Import .OVERLAY files for easy setup

Understanding Twitch Overlay Downloads

What is a stream overlay?

A stream overlay is, on a basic level, the graphics you see over the top of someone's gameplay and/or webcam when you're watching a stream. It's likely the most used part of any Stream Package you'll find here.

It's normally things like a header featuring the streamer's name, a border around the webcam, and smaller info panels to show off Latest Followers, or social media names. These are provided as .PNG, .GIF, and .WEBM files.

In a lot of the Premium Downloads available here on the site you'll find a .OVERLAY file included, this file allows you to import the design in just one click to the Streamlabs Desktop streaming software.

You can check if a download includes a .OVERLAY file by looking under the Download Details section of any item page.

Starting Soon Screens & Stream Alerts

Starting soon screens (also BRB screens, and Stream Offline screens) probably require little explanation - these are graphics and animations that fill your Scenes in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS, designed to keep viewers updated when you're not on-screen. They normally come as .JPG images, or .WEBM & .MP4 video files.

Stream alerts are little graphics (often animated) that pop up on screen during streams shouting out viewers who've followed, subbed, donated, or cheered. They're effective and engaging ways to make your audience feel valued. These are provided as .GIF, .PNG, or .WEBM files, all compatible with Streamlabs.

Twitch Banner & Avatar Templates

A Twitch banner is found on your profile page, while the avatar is used throughout the site. A number of stream packages on the site include matching stream banner & avatar templates you can easily edit with your own info.

These Twitch banner & avatar templates are normally provided as .PSD files for you to customise manually, or have the customised for you by selecting Pro Customisation when choosing a Buy Option.

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