How to Edit Your Twitch Banner & Avatar, and Stream Screens

October 30, 2020 (Last Updated June 21, 2022)

how to edit your twitch banner - Twitch Overlay

Almost all stream packages at TwitchOverlay.com include banner & avatar PSDs you can edit yourself, and this brief rundown on how to edit your Twitch banner, avatar, and stream screens should quickly and easily teach you how.

What is a .PSD file?

It’s a file designed for use with Adobe Photoshop, an industry standard image editing program. It’s best to use with Photoshop where possible, as it’s guaranteed that all the effects and filters used will work correctly. However, there are a few ways you can make your edits without using Photoshop, and I’ll show you those in this article.

Install Any Associated Fonts BEFORE Editing Your Twitch Banner

Can’t stress this enough! It’ll just end up giving confusing prompts and substituting weird fonts into the design if the right fonts aren’t installed ahead of editing. Finding the appropriate font is easy, newer downloads include a link directly to a place to download.

Here’s where you’d find that in a package like VX Pro Chroma:

how to edit vx pro twitch banner

Alternatively, for packages and downloads that don’t feature this link, you can easily locate the font name on the product page like so. Just throw that name into Google and you’re away:

how to edit vx pro twitch banner

How to edit your Twitch Banner & Avatar in Photoshop

As mentioned previously, Photoshop is the absolute best way to edit a PSD, and if you don’t own it then a free trial is available to starting using it.

The PSD files are arranged (and often color-coded) in a way that groups relevant graphics together, making them easier to locate and edit. All social media graphics, for instance, will often feature the same color in the Layers menu.

How to Edit Your Twitch Banner & Avatar for Free Using Photopea

Photopea.com provide a pretty amazing tool that impresses even me, and I’ve been using Photoshop for over 18 years now. It features nearly everything you need to make the simple edits and alterations required for your Twitch banner, avatar, or stream screens.


Photoshop is always the best option. These Twitch banners, avatars, and stream screen PSD files are all made and exported from Photoshop, so it’s guaranteed to work. But Photopea.com provides a valid and very useful option, totally for free. Just remember to install those fonts before editing!

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