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Free stream overlay templates, stream screens, Twitch alerts & Twitch panels for Streamlabs & OBS Studio

We've been serving streamers with the most diverse selection of free stream overlay templates for over 8 years now. In our free downloads section you'll find over 50 totally free stream overlays, alerts, profile panels, and more.

These downloads are provided in many styles and some themed around the most popular games including Fortnite, League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, and Apex Legends. Be sure to use the filters panel to find exactly the stream design you're looking for.

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Popular Twitch Overlay downloads in December

A free overlay is a great way to get started in streaming, giving you the core graphics to add some personality. But when you're starting to get into a rhythm our premium content takes the personality of your stream to another level.

Over the past 8 years we've created a library of close to 150 overlays and designs, giving you everything from minimal to gothic to ice or fire themed visuals. Many of which contain animated alerts, starting soon screens, profile panels, and loads more.

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Pure Valor twitch overlay

VX Pro Stream Overlay

Among the most downloaded in 2022, and the top-selling design on the site since its debut in 2017. Available in a range of colors, all featuring simple yet defined animations to keep your stream engaging.

Pure Valor twitch overlay

Pure Valor Twitch Overlay

Pure Valor features a glitchy yet minimal stream overlay & fully animated alerts that'll make your stream pop. Package includes animated stream screens, as well as profile panels, and banner/avatar.

Customise the Gothicon Twitch Overlay
Customise the Kyut Twitch Overlay
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Customise the Rusted Titan Twitch Overlay

Customise your Twitch Overlay

One of the unique things offered at Twitch Overlay is Pro Customisation. This allows you to have a number of our Premium Overlays and Packages customised with your stream name and social info.

Just look for the Pro Customisation buy option on applicable design pages to get your preferred visuals personalised.

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Popular Free Twitch Overlays

Grand Champ – Free Apex Legends Twitch Overlay

Free Apex Legends Twitch Overlay

Broken Moon is in rotation with season 15 so tap in to the Grand Champ OBS overlay for your Catalyst clips.

Camo – Free Call of Duty Twitch Overlay

Free Warzone Stream Overlay

Warzone 2.0 is here, and Camo is a nice visual buffer as you fight to conquer every sector of the new Battle Pass.

Storm Call – Free Fortnite Stream Overlay

Fortnite Free OBS Overlay

The fracture has given us a whole new world to dirtbike across, and Storm Call gives an aesthetic for your journey.

What is a stream overlay

What is a Twitch Overlay?

A Twitch overlay is a collection of graphics to enhance your live stream on sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. These graphics are layered over your webcam and/or gameplay to add a unique visual pop and identity to your stream content.

How do I add graphics to my stream?

To apply these graphics PC/Mac streaming software such as OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop is required. Alternatively emerging services like Lightstream provide a cloud-based solution if you don't have access to a PC or laptop.

Here at Twitch Overlay we use standard image and video types, most commonly .PNG, .GIF, and .WEBM in our downloads. This means a majority of our stream overlays are compatible with all the aformentioned services, as well as any others that allow you to add images or videos to your stream.

latest stream overlay

Latest Stream Overlay - Ghost Rising Deluxe

Ghost Rising is the most downloaded free overlay of 2022, and is now available as a complete minimal stream package. It features subtle animated alerts, overlay graphics, starting soon & BRB screens, and loads more.

See Ghost Rising Deluxe

Stream graphics that go beyond your Twitch stream

Stream graphics that go beyond your Twitch stream, no software necessary

Unlike some services or software that require you to install apps or have an active subscription to make use of your content, the downloads found here are untethered. Once downloaded you can apply stream graphics to your content wherever it may exist, be that a Twitch stream, a YouTube video, or otherwise.

Because these downloads contain normal, standardized filetypes it's easy to include them on any project you're working with, online or offline. The only thing we ask is that you don't try to redistribute or resell our work, as a lot of time and dedication has gone into each design so that you can enjoy the widest varierty of free and premium stream graphics available anywhere.

Free starting soon & BRB stream screens

Stream screens are a great way to bridge the gaps in your stream. Perhaps you've stepped away for a bathroom break, you're starting things up and giving folks time to settle show and settle in, or wrapping things up.

In these collections of totally free stream screens you'll find screens with stylish text to let your viewers know the stream is starting soon, ending, and even to let them know you'll be right back.

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Get more with premium stream screens

Our collection of premium stream screens take what you've seen already in our free offerings, and enhance them with added graphics. A number of them also include animations and transition stingers to make every scene switch seamless.

What is a transition stinger?

Transition stingers are motion graphics that appear between the switch from one scene to another OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop. They offer a smooth and visually consistent way to hop around your scenes.

The example to the left shows the transition stinger included in the Shark Stack stream package, as it bridges the switch between Be Right Back & Starting Soon screens.

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The best free Twitch alerts for your stream

Stream alerts are a great way to engage with your viewers on all levels. Whether they're a newcomer following your channel, someone cheering you on with bits, or even loyal fans subbing your channel, an alert gives them the shoutout they deserve.

Our sets of Twitch alerts all come in file types fully compatible with your alert service of choice, from Streamlabs to Stream Elements.

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Free Twitch panels for your stream profile.

Twitch panels give your profile section a little more life, and allow you to show a bit more of your personality while informing visitors a little about yourself and other ways to find you.

In our free Twitch panels section you'll find designs ranging from minimal to art deco, so there's plenty on offer to bring some color to that all important scroll down viewers take when they tune in.

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Our amazing stream alerts

We have a great range of alerts provided totally free, but if you're looking for something extra special our premium stream overlays come complete with eye-catching twitch alerts, many of which are fully animated and exclusive to those designs.

As displayed in the preview you'll find alerts themed around fire & ice, with gothic styling, or even fully chroma RGB coloring that will stand out and give your viewers a well-earned spotlight.

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