An OBS overlay is an excellent way to make your Twitch or YouTube stream standout a little. Most smaller streams don’t bother with a webcam or any kind of graphics, so even just the smallest effort can make your thumbnail more appealing than most. If you’re an OBS user, or even on Lightstream or Streamlabs Desktop, then this selection of OBS overlay templates can really help make a difference.

How to use an OBS overlay

Using an OBS overlay to jazz up your stream is easy. When you download one of the designs included below (or any of the ones found around the site), unzip the provided ZIP file, and inside you’ll find a bunch of normal, web-standard graphics like PNG and JPG files. These aren’t just easily draggable into OBS Studio, but also into Streamlabs Desktop and most streaming software. Then you just rearrange your graphics to suit your setup, and you’re good to go!

If you’re interested in a more in-depth guide, including alerts and how to make tweaks and changes to certain elements, take a look at the How to Use a Stream Overlay guide.

The best OBS overlay templates

Now we know how to use these OBS overlays, it’s time to take a look at what’s on offer. There’s hundreds on the site, some free and some paid, but all covering a whole range of styles and vibes. Whatever your personality, and the theme of your content, you’re likely to find whatever you need right here. Below are a selection of the best OBS overlay templates that span all kinds of colors and looks. They’re not in any particular order, they’re all good!

Ghost Rising Deluxe

minimal twitch overlay

Built on the foundations of the free Ghost Rising OBS overlay, Deluxe offers updated and animated elements that are subtle and visually engaging without being distracting.

See Ghost Rising Deluxe

Gothicon Fallen King

king stream overlay

Inspired by fantasy realms like The Land Between from Elden Ring, this golden OBS overlay (a sibling to the original Gothicon) is regal and lavish with gilded elements.

See Gothicon Fallen King

Future War

electric stream package

As the name suggests this futuristic OBS overlay evokes cyber warfare, with electrified and pulsing animated elements, and war torn starting soon and BRB screens.

See Future War


cute stream overlay

Designed as a total 180 this cute OBS overlay is one of a kind, featuring bright and colourful animations, and cute stream alerts and stream screens.

See Kyut

Pure Valor Green

green valorant twitch overlay

Featuring a very stylish lime green on deep purple, this is a glitchy overlay with strong geometric shapes and clean corners. Design also available in red.

See Pure Valor

Neon Titan

neon green stream package

An audacious neon OBS overlay with a strong green glow, and surging animations that are bold and engaging.

See Neon Titan


obs overlay | Twitch Overlay

Another bold design, but for different reasons. The Carbon OBS overlay has a strong, metallic finish, with dark spotlit alert animations.

See Carbon


Above are the top 7 OBS overlays, but with hundreds of designs available around the site you don’t need to hedge your bets on what you see here. There’s overlays that are wild west inspired, some that feature an RGB design, and others that are inspired by analog horror.

If none of these suit you, just head into the Premium Downloads section and play with the filters to find exactly the style and vibe you’re looking for.