Carbon – Dark Stream Package

A smart, metallic stream package for Twitch

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Download Details

File size: 6.7 MB
Fonts Used: Raleway

- carbon-donation.png
- carbon-follow.png
- carbon-sub.png
- cam 4-3.png
- cam 16-9.png
- esports-carbon-overlay-dl.psd
- header.png
- optional background.png
- bottom panel.png
- panel - latest sub.png
- panel - recent donation.png
- panel - recent follower.png
- /Extra Titles/
- - latest follower.png
- - latest sub.png
- - recent donation.png
/Profile Graphics/
- pg_about.png
- pg_challenges.png
- pg_donate.png
- pg_facebook.png
- pg_giveaways.png
- pg_goals.png
- pg_halloffame.png
- pg_history.png
- pg_instagram.png
- pg_links.png
- pg_rules.png
- pg_schedule.png
- pg_specs.png
- pg_steam.png
- pg_twitter.png
- pg_youtube.png
- carbon-brb.png
- carbon-offline.png
- carbon-soon.png
- carbon-lobby-dl.psd
- Chat.png
- Game Border.png
- Optional Background.png
- Panel.png
- Webcam 4-3.png
- Webcam 16-9.png
- /Lobby/Labels/
- - CHAT.png
- - RECENT SUB.png
- /Lobby/Social/
- - facebook.png
- - instagram.png
- - snapchat.png
- - twitter.png
- - youtube.png

Download Description

Carbon is a dark stream package encompassing everything from the Carbon family of graphics; a stylish, dark series of designs with a smart, metallic finish. Here’s what this package includes:

*Due to the fact the Profile Banner and Avatar elements are exclusively reliant on customisation, and are essentially pointless without being customised, only the .PSDs are provided with instant download. If you’re interested in Professional Customisation, you can ignore this message.

Professional customisation covers more than you think...

Here's some unique Pro Customisations made for this particular download:

Colour changed to purple

You can do the same, just be sure to mention it in the Additional Info box during checkout - there are some limitations on the changes we can implement, however, so please ask ahead of time if the change you're looking for doesn't align with the ones demonstrated above.

  • We'll add your name and social media info to these designs for you, ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge. If you'd like further customisation, more info is in the box above.

  • Unpersonalised, and often blank (personal text featured in previews is removed), ready for you to lay your own text over in OBS or xSplit, or edit the .PSD files in Photoshop.

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