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Totally unique stream overlay designs for your content

The site has been a go-to for stream overlay templates since 2014 thanks to the huge selection on offer.

Over 90 of the most eye-catching stream overlay layouts and packages are on demand and ready to download instantly in our premium section.

And beyond that, you can even look for the Professional Customisation option at checkout.

Where available this allows for your stream overlay of choice to be customised with your name and social media info. Once completed the overlay is delivered straight to your email address, ready to use, no editing necessary.

Top stream overlay templates in January

Premium stream overlay packages are the perfect next step as your journey in streaming picks up momentum.

Most of our premium stream overlays include a large array of graphics that help highlight aspects of your stream, and celebrate or shoutout your loyal fans.

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What is a stream overlay

What is a stream overlay?

For those of you new to the idea, a stream overlay is the set of graphics used to place over and enhance your content.

You may have seen some of your favourite streamers use a stream overlay, the little graphics around the screen that house social media info, or big donators, sponsors, things like that. It's a great way to encourage interactivity, and show off info in a style that suits your personality.

How would I add something like that to my stream?

If you're streaming games on PC then it's fairly easy, you just download OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop and follow the setup steps. Once that's complete, take a look at this guide for pointers.

For console gamers there are services like Lightstream providing cloud-based tech for streaming if you don't have access to a PC or laptop.

Popular Stream Overlay Downloads

All in just one stream overlay package

Stream packages offer all-points coverage for your stream, completely branding every aspect.

Not only are the stream overlay & alerts included as standard, but also things like starting soon & BRB screens, banner & avatar templates, and profile panels are all there as well.

Everything works with Streamlabs Desktop & OBS Studio. What's more a lot of packages feature a Streamlabs Desktop .OVERLAY import file to make setup easy and/or breezy.

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