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The site has been a go-to for stream overlay templates since 2014 thanks to the huge selection on offer.

Over 90 of the most eye-catching stream overlay layouts and packages are on demand and ready to download instantly in our premium section.

What is a stream overlay

What is a stream overlay?

For those of you new to the idea, a stream overlay is the set of graphics used to place over and enhance your content.

You may have seen some of your favourite streamers use a stream overlay, the little graphics around the screen that house social media info, or big donators, sponsors, things like that. It's a great way to encourage interactivity, and show off info in a style that suits your personality.

Adding these on PC is fairly easy, you just download OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop and follow the setup steps. Once that's complete, take a look at this guide for pointers.

For console gamers there are services like Lightstream providing cloud-based tech for streaming if you don't have access to a PC or laptop.

The top stream overlay template in March

Most of our premium stream overlays include a large array of graphics that help highlight aspects of your stream, and celebrate or shoutout your loyal fans.

Premium Stream Overlays

VX Pro twitch overlay