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Top 3 Halloween Twitch Overlays for OBS [Updated 2021]

(Updated: October 7th, 2021) Posted: September 29, 2019

Halloween is one of the best periods of the year to be a streamer, and there’s no better way to get your stream in the mood than with one of these Halloween twitch overlays. This list has been updated for 2021, so take a look what’s made the cut this year.

All Halloween stream overlays included are Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, and xSplit compatible, and guaranteed to B0OoOost (sorry) your Twitch & YouTube Gaming stream’s visibility to viewers looking to get spooky.

Gothicon – Animated Halloween Stream Overlay Package

Straight from the slums of Yharnam comes an animated Halloween twitch overlay with a gothic & macabre twist.


Skull House – Halloween Stream Overlay

horror stream overlay

This one’s a more hack ‘n slash halloween stream overlay, going a bit John Carpenter with the look and feel.


Chomper – Halloween Twitch Overlay

halloween stream overlay

Chomper is one of the most recent additions to the horror line-up of stream overlays on the website. It features a pumpkin-carved header, lightning animated stream alerts, and a webcam frame featuring fangs dripping with blood.


More Halloween Twitch Overlays

As always, content is constantly getting added, so keep an eye out for more Halloween twitch overlays being announced on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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