The benefits of Twitch Panels

Twitch panels are an aspect of your channel that can help draw attention to info that’s hard to include or express on the stream itself. Plus it’s another method of expressing your style and vibe that can help tie things together with the live experience.

Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular Twitch panels available on the site. Some are free, while others are included in packages that make it super easy keeping your visuals consistent in every aspect.

5. Triforce – Zelda Inspired Twitch Panels

twitch panels | Twitch Overlay

This set of free stream panels taps in to the spirit of Hyrule, featuring the triforce alongside a series of headings.

Take a look at Triforce

4. Kyut – Cute Pastel Twitch Profile Panels

cute twitch panels

Part of the bright and soft Kyut package, these profile panels have a pastel palette and are very easy on the eye.

Take a look at Kyut

3. Streamdrome – Analog Horror Glitch Twitch Panels

vhs horror twitch panels

If you’re a horror streamer, or just dig the effect, these glitch Twitch panels might be perfect for you. Part of the streamdrome analog horror package.

Take a look at Streamdrome

2. Simple Headings – Free Stream Profile Panels

simple twitch panels

One of the first free downloads on the site, and still a hugely popular set of simple profile panels.

Take a look at Simple Headings

1. Pure Valor – Blue & Green Twitch Panels

green valorant profile panels

Eye-catching blue profile panels that draw attention without distracting. Part of the electrifying Pure Valor package.

Take a look at Pure Valor


This is just a small sample size of 5 Twitch panels, but you’ll find hundreds of designs and downloads across both the free and premium sections. Stream packages all feature their own sets of Twitch panels, giving your stream a visual identity on every level.