Here’s a curated look at the most popular gamer girl overlay & alerts here at Twitch Overlay, charting the top 5 most popular downloads among female streamers. Use these with Streamlabs OBS, Stream Elements, and OBS Studio on your favourite platform, be it Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming.

Kyut – Cute Twitch Overlay

Kyut is a cute twitch overlay package featuring pastel colors and subtle animations. It’s themed around the spring season (hence the bunnies) and uses nature as a backdrop, including blue skies and sakura blossom.


View this cute twitch overlay package:

Subtle Red – Pastel Stream Overlay for Female Twitch Streamers

This overlay, like a few on this list, was created as an antidote to the eSports-centric hard edges and bold colors that are more prevalent in stream overlay design. As such, it’s been a popular game girl overlay for those seeking something a bit more subdued.

pastel red twitch overlay

See the Subtle Red Twitch Overlay:

Changer – Modern Stream Package


Changer is a modern stream package with pure energy. It’s titled modern for its on trend bold coloring and shapes, all brought to life in flowing and wavy animations.

View the full Changer Modern Stream Package:

Soda Pop – Colourful Twitch Overlay

Soda Pop is kinda like Changer at a lower volume. It’s more structured, and features slightly turned down colors with a pop art style. Still vibrant, just not as frenetic.

colourful twitch overlay

Take a look at the Soda Pop Twitch Overlay:

Gothicon – An Alternative Gamer Girl Overlay

Not all female streamers are looking for cute pinks and pastels, and that’s no more exemplified than how popular Gothicon has been with women visiting Twitch Overlay. This dark, moody, gothic stream package combines grungy strokes with elegant lettering.


Checkout the Gothicon Stream Package:

VX Pro Chroma RGB Animated Stream Package

Sticking with the alternatives to pinks and pastels, chroma (RGB) coloring is universally loved, with just as many female streamers as anyone else coming through and downloading this animated stream package, making it one of the most popular on the site.


Take a look at VX Pro Chroma:

More Pink Gamer Girl Overlay & Alert Designs

Okay, back to the pinks! Here’s a handful of pink twitch overlays that have proven popular with female streamers visiting Twitch Overlay:

Clean Block Pink – A Minimal & Bold Pink Stream Package

Pink Stream Overlay

Skeleton Key Pink – Professional, Versatile & Clean Pink Stream Package

Pink Stream Package

Neo League – Pink League of Legends Stream Overlay

Neon League of Legends Twitch Overlay


This has been a broadstrokes look at the gamer girl overlay & alerts on offer here at Twitch Overlay. Obviously we’re all human beings, and you may be looking for something totally different! Well, you’re in the right place. With over 150 stream overlays, packages, and alerts on offer you’re bound to find something. Take a look at the Premium Downloads section for some inspiration.