VX Pro – Animated Chroma Twitch Overlay

Fully animated set of chroma stream overlay graphics

Download Details

File size: 21.6 MB
Fonts Used: Bebas Neue

- alert-cheer.gif
- alert-donate.gif
- alert-follow.gif
- alert-host.gif
- alert-sub.gif

- Background.gif

- panel-donate.gif
- panel-follower.gif
- panel-music.gif
- panel-sub.gif
- panel-user.gif

- social-facebook.gif
- social-instagram.gif
- social-twitter.gif
- social-youtube.gif

- webcam-4x3.gif
- webcam-16x9.gif

Download Description

VX Pro Chroma is a fully animated chroma twitch overlay for use on Twitch, YouTube, or any other streaming platform. It comes in a vibrant kaleidoscope of  chroma colouring, and features pulsating panels, social boxes, a group of colourful alerts with chroma trimming, a background with a chroma-hued rainfall, and a fully stylised and animated webcam featuring a lower space to place your name.

There is now a full stream package available for VX Chroma, featuring additional elements like animated stream screens, profile graphics, and profile banner & avatar. Additionally, VX Pro is available in more solid colours: check VX Pro out in red or take a look in blue, even green.

animated chroma twitch overlay

This is an instant download. You’ll be downloading the files, and using them straight away, with no customisation involved from us. The nature of this design, the text being flat with little or no definition, means it’s easy for you to add your name over the top in any streaming software you’re using.

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