Soda Pop – Colourful Twitch Overlay

Purple, orange, and salmon stream overlay for OBS/xSplit

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File size: 1.11 MB
Fonts Used: Mont (Heavy)

- f-bits.gif
- f-blank.gif
- f-donation.gif
- f-follow.gif
- f-host.gif

- Background.jpg
- header.png

- Panel - Blank.png
- Panel - Newest Bits.png
- Panel - Newest Donation.png
- Panel - Newest Follower.png
- Panel - Newest Sub.png
- Panel - Now Playing.png
- Panel - Top Bits.png
- Panel - Top Donation.png

- Discord.png
- Facebook.png
- Instagram.png
- Snapchat.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png

- Webcam 4x3.png
- Webcam 16x9.png
- Webcam Square.png

Download Description

Soda Pop is a colourful Twitch overlay for use with OBS, xSplit, or other streaming software allowing the use of images. It features a summery grade of colours, mixing between pinks, purples, and salmon orange – vibrant colours that pop (hence the name!)

This stream overlay includes a number of graphics, all provided as separate .PNG and .GIF files for you to use and/or exclude as you need them. These graphics include:

  • Pop art-style header image
  • Vibrant background featuring colour gradient
  • 6x animated alert panels (.GIFs) – featuring retro, block fade-in alert animations to shout-out your new followers, donators, subs, raiders, and hosts (also includes alert without heading to use for anything else)
  • 8x info panels – pop-art style panels to share information on things like your latest follows, top donations, and music you’re currently playing
  • 6x social icons – big and bold icons to promote your Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook accounts
  • 3x webcam frames – square, 4×3, and 16×9 ratio cam frames again in that pop art-style
  • The Instant Download option includes a .PSD file to personalise yourself, or of course selection Professional Customisation for us to take care of that for you.

A full rundown of all included in this colourful Twitch overlay download is, as always, in the Download Contents section to the top-right of this page.

colourful twitch overlay
Preview of the alerts in action

Purchase Options

  • We'll add your stream name, and social username(s). Ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge and who want a professional, quality finish.

  • Unpersonalised, and often blank (personal text featured in previews is removed), ready for you to lay your own text over in OBS or xSplit, or edit the .PSD files in Photoshop.

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