Type Ultra – Punk Stream Overlay

Punk overlay graphics and panels for your Twitch stream

Download Details

File size: 2.48 MB
Fonts Used: Woodstamp

Bottom Bar.png
Optional Background.png
- Facebook.png
- Instagram.png
- Snapchat.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png
- chat.png
- follow goal.png
- follow train.png
- latest follower.png
- music.png
- newest sub.png
- recent donation.png
- top donation.png

Download Description

Inspired by the upcoming release of Persona 5, this punk stream overlay is as colourful as it is grungy. It features a number of individual elements, that can be arranged in any way you see fit, and a rough-edged, paint-splattered finish on each box. The text is bold and contrasts against the strong background, so your identity and details stand out even in thumbnail previews.

Purchase Options

  • I'll add your Twitch name, and social username(s). Ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge and who want a professional, quality finish.

  • Lay your own text over blank versions of these image files in OBS/xSplit (where there is text above, will instead be empty space).

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