Find unique Twitch Chat Overlay downloads for your  Just Chatting stream right here, as we rundown some of the best on offer. These chat overlays are perfect for any stream, so use them on Kick, YouTube, or anywhere you post content.

All of the selections you’ll find below use standard graphic types, and are fully compatible with all popular streaming software and apps. Whether you use Streamlabs Desktop, OBS Studio, or something else to stream, you’ll be able to make use of these picks.

Razor Twitch Chat Overlay

Razor stream overlays have been among the best selling at Twitch Overlay for over 8 years now. They’re clean, smart stream designs with just enough color to have some personality.

One great thing about a Razor Twitch Chat Overlay is that there’s plenty of room to scale up, if you like the look. With complete stream overlays (including alerts) and entire stream packages available.

blue chat overlay

Razor Blue – Twitch Chat Overlay

Carbon Twitch Chat Overlay

The Carbon stream overlay sits opposite Razor, a completely monochrome stream design in cool greys and metallics.

Carbon is again scalable, with a stream overlay and stream package available. And as an added bonus, the stream package was recently completely overhauled with animated components, so it’s looking cooler than ever.

metal twitch chat overlay

Carbon Twitch Chat overlay

More Great Twitch Overlay Downloads

Of course, you don’t have to use things specifically with “chat” in the title. All content at Twitch Overlay is provided in standard graphic and video formats, so you can just resize elements to fit your purpose (although beware resizing too large, as quality will degrade). Take a look around the Premium Downloads section, with hundreds of designs you might find something else that hits.