This week we’ve added Soda Pop to the site, a colourful stream overlay featuring a mixture of summery colours merging between purples, pinks and salmon orange. It features a great deal of pop art-style flairs and finishes to give any Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube stream vibrance.

Included in this download are a range of separated graphics for you to use and exclude as you require them. They include a pop art style header, vibrant background, animated alerts, info panels, social icons, multiple webcam frame options. The Instant Download includes a .PSD for you to personalise using Photoshop, or if that seems daunting Professional Customisation is an option on the product page sending your order to us to personalise for you.

The plan is to elaborate on this colourful stream overlay further, adding Stream Screens, perhaps even Profile Graphics, and Banner/Avatar combos and create a Full Stream Package around it. Please do check back in with us soon to see our progress with that.

Checkout Soda Pop: