Top Corner – Free FIFA 20 Twitch Overlay

A vibrant, free stream overlay for FIFA 20

Download Details

File size: 3.5 MB
Fonts Used: Exo (Regular & Bold)

- Header.png
- Background.png
- Panel - Latest Follower.png
- Panel - Latest Donation.png
- Webcam 4-3.png
- Webcam 16-9.png

Download Description

Top Corner is a free FIFA 20 Twitch overlay styled around, and inspired by the colours and vibe of the game. It features a very vibrant mixture of off-reds and deep purples that pop off the screen, and help your stream look a little more eye-catching in the running order of the FIFA 20 streamer page.

Included in this free FIFA 20 Twitch overlay download are a number of things, including…

  • Header – bright colors contrasted against a deep dark nameplate so your identity stands out
  • 2x info panels – show off your latest follower, and latest donation
  • 2x webcam frames – 16:9 and 4:3 webcam frames to fit most standard webcam sizes
  • Background – subtle, more muted running together of the 2 prominent colors in this download in 1080p sizing
  • .PSD file – personalise the header yourself
FIFA 20 Twitch Overlay

Upgrade Available
If you like the look of this free download, consider checking out Top Corner – FIFA 20 Twitch Overlay and expanding on this download with a bunch of added extras, you can even get it personalised by us - take a look for yourself!