The Best Twitch Overlay Templates for OBS & Streamlabs

Here you'll find over 100 twitch overlay downloads for your stream. These are all usable on any content, not just Twitch but Kick, YouTube, or TikTok. And all compatible with OBS Studio & Streamlabs Desktop.

All designs are curated by style, color, and more, so finding an overlay to match your vibe is easy, and with no extra software required.

Designs included in the video are VX Pro Chroma, Rusted Titan, Gothicon, and Streamdrome.

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VX Pro twitch overlay

What is a Twitch Overlay?

An overlay is decoration for your virtual room. They're graphics that can sit around a webcam or gameplay, and bring some of your own personality to your stream. Beyond that they also add definition to certain elements, like viewer shoutouts, or messages you'd like to show. This makes those elements more engaging, and brings your stream to life.

We've been doing this since 2014! And have built up a truly diverse selection of stream graphics to decorate and inform from top to bottom, with webcam frames, social media panels, and stream info panels. Helping you show off follows & subs with twitch alerts, and even more.

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Latest overlay added to the site

New to the site is a graffiti-inspired set of stream elements called Based Bold.

This package includes animated overlay elements, stream alerts, and screens to tell people you're starting soon, ending, or that you'll BRB. Plus eye-catching banner & avatar templates to bring the whole thing together.

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Get your stream started with some freebies

If you're ready to jump in with your first overlay, why not start with some freebies? Our library of over 50 free elements, from overlays to alerts and more, is a perfect first stop.

For nine years and counting, we've dedicated ourselves to supporting streamers, offering a treasure trove of free content that's bursting with diversity and style. Discover stream overlays that'll make your channel look like a million bits, alert notifications that'll keep your audience engaged, profile panels that'll spruce up your channel page, and a bunch of other goodies to set your streaming journey on the right path.

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Find A Twitch Overlay In Your Style

With hundreds of designs on offer, almost all instantly downloadable, there's a design in your style waiting to be discovered. And thanks to a high level of curation, it'll be easy to find! Use the links below as a jumping off point, and from there use the Filters tab to hone in on that unique stream branding you're looking for.

Sort Twitch Overlays by Color

Sort Twitch Overlays by Style

Gothic Stream Overlay
Cute Stream Package
Purple Twitch Overlay
Fire OBS Overlay

Get personalised stream content for less

Access our exclusive Pro Customization service bundled with our premium stream packages. Add your name and social media details to your chosen package, and have it sent directly to your address.

Want to personalize your setup further? You can request small tweaks or additions through this service, such as adding an extra panel or alert with a specific label.

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Understanding Twitch Overlay Downloads

Starting Soon Screens & Stream Alerts

Starting soon screens (also BRB screens, and Stream Offline screens) probably require little explanation - these are graphics and animations that fill your Scenes in OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS, designed to keep viewers updated when you're not on-screen. They normally come as .JPG images, or .WEBM & .MP4 video files.

Stream alerts are little graphics (often animated) that pop up on screen during streams shouting out viewers who've followed, subbed, donated, or cheered. They're effective and engaging ways to make your audience feel valued. These are provided as .GIF, .PNG, or .WEBM files, all compatible with Streamlabs.

Twitch Banner & Avatar Templates

A Twitch banner is found on your profile page, while the avatar is used throughout the site. A number of stream packages on the site include matching stream banner & avatar templates you can easily edit with your own info.

These Twitch banner & avatar templates are normally provided as .PSD files for you to customise manually, or have the customised for you by selecting Pro Customisation when choosing a Buy Option.

Tips on how to get setup

If you like the sound of customising and personalising your stream, but are still unsure on what's required, we have a guides section that could help.

Not only are there walkthroughs on the initial setup, but also on how to edit some of the designs you'll find here. Each guide is easy to follow, and quicker than it looks to make use of.

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