Starter – Free Green Overlay

An overlay for people new to streaming

Download Details

File size: 8.1 MB
Fonts Used: Pink Sans (Header) Raleway Black (Everything else)


- Facebook.png
- Instagram.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png

- 4x3.png
- 16x9.png

Download Description

Starter is a free green overlay giving you the basic, foundational graphics you need to get yourself started in streaming.

This stylish package includes a header graphic, webcam frames in 4×3 and 16×9 ratio, a blank panel, a blank alert box, 4 social icons, and a subdued background to fill your streaming window, while not being too distracting.

green overlay

Upgrade Available
If you like the look of this free download, consider checking out Starter Deluxe – Green Overlay and expanding on this download with a bunch of added extras, you can even get it personalised by us - take a look for yourself!