Pride – Free Gay Pride Twitch Overlay

Celebrate and support gay pride while streaming

Download Details

File size: 1.93 MB
Fonts Used: Raleway (Medium & Black)

- Alert - Bits.png
- Alert - Donation.png
- Alert - Follow.png
- Alert - Sub.png
- Background.jpg
- Header.png
- Panel - donation.png
- Panel - Follower.png
- Panel - Now Playing.png
- Panel - Sub.png
- Panel - Top Donation.png
- Webcam 4x3.png
- Webcam 16x9.png

Download Description

Pride is a free gay pride twitch overlay to celebrate and support gay pride this month and beyond. There are a lot of great LGBTQ streamers out there, and I wanted (Lou speaking here, I run this place, hi) to create an overlay with both energy and style that any member of the LGBTQ community would be proud (see what I did there?) to throw up on their stream in celebration.

Included in this download are:

  • A hazy rainbow header with the flag subtly peaking out on either side
  • 4x stream alerts also using that rainbow cloud style, notifying viewers of followers, donations, subs, and bits
  • 2x webcam frames – 4×3 and 16×9 ratios available
  • 5x info panels with a sleek rainbow styling
  • And a subtle background featuring a blend of the flag’s colors

You can bypass the tweet for this download

I’ve not uploaded this overlay for exposure or clout, I just wanted to show support, so while you’re welcome to use the tweet to unlock feature if you want to share the design, please see below that unlock box for the Download Now button .