Ink Ribbon – Resident Evil Twitch Overlay

An overlay inspired by PSX Resident Evils

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File size: 14.5 MB
Fonts Used: Adobe Heiti Std (Nameplate) & Goethe (Social Panels) & Junicode BoldCondensed (Info Panels)


Game Window.png
Optional Background.png


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Webcam 4x3.png
Webcam 16x9.png
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Download Description

Ink Ribbon is a Resident Evil Twitch Overlay inspired by the iconic survival horror series. It takes its design and UI influences directly from the original PSX series (1-3), and specifically from the legendary inventory screen used back then.

This download includes features for fans of the new games, as well as the hardcore out there who are still streaming the classics (as a die-hard fan of tank controls, you are my people). Among those features are…

  • 8 Animated info panels
  • 3 Webcam frame sizes (square, 4×3, 16×9)
  • 6 Social panels
  • 5 Animated alerts
  • Detached nameplate
  • Large 4×3 frame for speedrunners
  • Footer for additional info

All elements above are individual graphics, and can be used or left our as required.

Resident Evil Twitch Overlay - Twitch Overlay
Preview of alerts, inspired by RE door opening loading screens

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