Electric Slate Evo – Animated Blue Webcam Overlay

Blue animated webcam overlay for OBS & xSplit

Electric Slate Evo – Animated Blue Webcam Overlay

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Download Details

File size 2.67 MB
Fonts Used Raleway (entire family)
Streamlabs OBS setup file No


- ese-alert-donation.gif
- ese-alert-follow.gif
- ese-alert-host.gif
- ese-alert-raid.gif
- ese-alert-sub.gif

- ese-panel-blank.gif
- ese-panel-donation.gif
- ese-panel-follow.gif
- ese-panel-music.gif
- ese-panel-sub.gif

- ese-discord.gif
- ese-fb.gif
- ese-instagram.gif
- ese-snapchat.gif
- ese-twitter.gif
- ese-youtube.gif

- ese-4x3.gif
- ese-16x9.gif

Download Description

Electric Slate Evo is an animated webcam blue overlay that reworks, and greatly elaborates on, our existing static webcam overlay, Electric Slate. Using the structure and shape of that design as a base, we’ve refreshed the look with a more muted and stylish blend of blues, laying below a pulsing circuit and nameplate that offers a subtle but noticeable animation, giving the webcam some life.

Here’s a full rundown of the contents of this download, blow by blow, bare in mind every element is animated and provided in GIF format, so should be compatible with most programs and services:

  • 2x webcam frames – both in the same style, but one made for 16×9 cam ratios, and one for 4×3 ratios, depending on whether you’re using an HD or SD webcam to broadcast.
  • 5x panels – headings included are Latest Donation, Latest Sub, Now Playing, and Latest Follower. Also includes a blank panel for you to use for general purposes.
  • 6x social icons – these are designed to either float outside, or on top of the webcam frame, and for you to write your own social usernames in OBS/xSplit and place them just over the top.
  • 5x alerts – minimal alerts in different, complimentary colours, featuring headings for Subs, Raids, Followers, Donations, and Hosts. These alerts are designed to be placed underneath the cam, at the bottom, so that notifications are integrated with the webcam frame. They can also be used as standalone alerts if you’d prefer. Minimal design so you can add opacity and make them slightly transparent if you feel they obscure too much of your cam.

This is an instant download. You’ll be downloading the files, and using them straight away, with no customisation involved from us. The nature of this design, the text being flat with little or no definition, means it’s easy for you to add your name over the top in any streaming software you’re using.</div

Purchase Options

This is an instant download

  • Provided without customization
  • Includes files in Download Contents
  • Files are compatible with OBS & xSplit
  • Personalise sections like banner/avatar yourself, using .PSD file(s) provided.

If you super duper need this customized, please get in touch before purchasing.

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