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Chrome Over is a monochrome assortment of stream graphics, using a combination of clean, reflective edges, and slightly grungy/smoky panelling for your messages and stream info. This chrome stream overlay comes as part of a full stream package, other parts include Stream Alerts, Profile Graphics, and Stream Screens.

This overlay features an alternative, bottom-aligned name┬ápanel, so if you’d prefer to have all your details running across the bottom of the screen rather than the top (as featured), you’re covered. As always, this overlay comes in a number of separate parts, so you’ll be free to add/remove important parts at your own discretion. A full list of the files included is on the right.


This is an instant download

  • Provided without customization
  • Includes files in Download Contents
  • Files are compatible with OBS & Streamlabs
  • Personalise sections yourself.
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File size 2.65 MB
Fonts Used Molot
Color ,
Streamlabs Desktop setup file? Yes

Contents (ZIP)

/Extra Titles/
- RECENT donation.png
/Name on bottom/
- bottom - left panel.png
- bottom - main - free-standing.png
- bottom - main.png
- bottom - right panel.png
- top - left panel.png
- top - right panel.png
/Name on top/
- bottom - left panel.png
- bottom - right panel.png
- main panel (free-standing).png
- main panel.png
- top - left panel.png
- top - right panel.png
/Social Icons/
- Facebook.png
- Instagram.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png
- webcam 4-3.png
- webcam 16-9.png
optional background.jpg

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Works On All Major Platforms

We sell graphics, not software or tools. All downloads are provided as collections of industry-standard image types (.jpg, .png, .gif, .webm, .mp4, and .psd for editing). As always, if you have any issues with anything feel free to make contact.

Useful Guides & Help

Import .OVERLAY files for easy setup

Easy setup in Streamlabs Desktop

This instant download comes with a .OVERLAY file for use with Streamlabs Desktop, making a majority of your stream setup a breeze.

As demonstrated, you simply hit the Settings icon in the bottom left, select Scene Collections, then click Import Overlay File. Locate your .OVERLAY file, and voila.

Please note, this will not setup everything, but most things. Things like alerts will require manual upload, as they're linked to your Streamlabs account.

Need help with your stream overlay?

With over 150 stream graphics available, this can all get a little overwhelming. Perhaps you don't know your Twitch overlays from your stream alerts, or what exactly Professional Customisation means on our stream design pages. Well, take a look at our guides section.

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My name's Lou and since 2014 I've designed & maintained everything you see, from website to stream overlays. Twitch Overlay isn't impossibly large teams with zero accountability - any order or contact you make, you're talking to me and me alone so feel free to get in touch.

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