Chrome Over – Chrome Stream Overlay

An equal parts smart and rough chrome stream overlay for Twitch

Download Details

File size: 2.65 MB
Fonts Used: Molot

/Extra Titles/
- RECENT donation.png
/Name on bottom/
- bottom - left panel.png
- bottom - main - free-standing.png
- bottom - main.png
- bottom - right panel.png
- top - left panel.png
- top - right panel.png
/Name on top/
- bottom - left panel.png
- bottom - right panel.png
- main panel (free-standing).png
- main panel.png
- top - left panel.png
- top - right panel.png
/Social Icons/
- Facebook.png
- Instagram.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png
- webcam 4-3.png
- webcam 16-9.png
optional background.jpg

Download Description

Chrome Over is a monochrome assortment of stream graphics, using a combination of clean, reflective edges, and slightly grungy/smoky panelling for your messages and stream info. This chrome stream overlay comes as part of a full stream package, other parts include Stream Alerts, Profile Graphics, and Stream Screens.

This overlay features an alternative, bottom-aligned name panel, so if you’d prefer to have all your details running across the bottom of the screen rather than the top (as featured), you’re covered. As always, this overlay comes in a number of separate parts, so you’ll be free to add/remove important parts at your own discretion. A full list of the files included is on the right.

Purchase Options

  • I'll add your Twitch name, and social username(s). Ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge and who want a professional, quality finish.

  • Lay your own text over blank versions of these image files in OBS/xSplit (where there is text above, will instead be empty space).

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