It’s hard finding quality free twitch overlays, but here at we pride ourselves on putting the same high quality work into our free twitch overlays as we do our premium ones, and as a result people seem to love the stuff we put out. There’s a lot of free twitch overlays to browse through here, though, so to help you along we’ve compiled a list of our top 7 best free twitch overlays, according to downloads.

7. Ghost Rising – Free Destiny 2 Overlay

free Destiny 2 Overlay

Our free Destiny 2 overlay, Ghost Rising, makes up the rear end of this top 7 list. Matching the simple, flat design of Destiny’s UI, it’s been a hit with not only streamers of Destiny 2, but people who like a subtle look to their streams.


6. Diamonds High – Red Angular Stream Overlay

free red overlay

Diamonds High is a free twitch overlay inspired by Kojima’s MGS series, and has been a hit with visitors to T-O since arriving in 2016. Not only is it a great-looking free twitch overlay, but it belongs to an entire stream package (our first entirely free stream package, btw), so the style doesn’t need to stop here.


5. Bombsite C – Free CS:GO Overlay

Free CS:GO Overlay

Counter-Strike has been a staple of online gaming since this 30-year old author was a kid, and probably will continue to be when I’m retired. As such, it deserved a timeless, simple overlay. Bombsite C is made to match the UI of CS:GO, and features elements that fit alongside healthbars, maps and map info.


4. Ground Royale – Free PUBG Overlay

Free PUBG Overlay

Ground Royale was one of the first PUBG-inspired free twitch overlays to see a release way back when PUBG was in closed beta, and still remains one of the best, inspired directly by the look and feel of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.


3. Watch Tower – Free Overwatch Overlay

free Overwatch Overlay

We’re in to the top 3 free twitch overlays, and it’s no surprise to see Overwatch represented. This free Overwatch overlay is structured to compliment the UI of Overwatch, and match its style piece for piece.


2. Storm Call – Free Fortnite Overlay

Free Fortnite Overlay

It’s not very often you see Fortnite in second place, but regardless, this free Fortnite overlay “Storm Call” been a juggernaut since arriving early this year. It’s understandable given how well it matchs the style and vibe of Fortnite, and is easily one of the free twitch overlays most faithful to the source it’s based on.


1. Dark Zone – The Division Stream Overlay

free division overlay

Perhaps the only thing more surpising than a free Fortnite overlay being the runner-up in this race, is that it was beaten by a free twitch overlay inspired by The Division. Dark Zone, is a free twitch overlay borrowing characteristics from Ubi’s open-world shooter, and features a minimal, stylish look that has appealed to streamers beyond Division fandom, therefore it is number one on this list of the top 7 best free twitch overlays.


More Free Twitch Overlays

This is only the top 7 best free twitch overlays, and this site is full of these things, therefore if you don’t see something that appeals to you above, we’d encourage you to take a look for yourself. You could even browse our Premim Twitch Overlays section for the absolute best of what we have to offer here at Twitch Overlay.