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August 8, 2016 (Last Updated August 8, 2016)

- Twitch Overlay

We’ve served a lot of you guys over the past 2 years, and through doing so have grown exponentially. There’s even a few of you saints who loved the service so much you were kind enough to promote the site at no cost. Well now, with Streamer Sponsorship, we want to actually pay a chosen few of you to do that promotion.

Now, we’re a humble niche of a website, so we can’t throw big money your way, but we’d like to make it worth your while, and unlike sites such as G2A who cut you off a tiny percent of every sale you give them, we wanna send you a standing set amount each week, one that’s adjust based on the activity your stream generates.

Here’s the criteria…

  • You stream 4 or more days a week.
  • Your streams last, on average, 3 hours or longer
  • You have over 5k followers
  • Your stream has shown continued growth, month on month
  • You keep to a schedule
  • You use graphics from (Adidas wouldn’t sponsor an athlete only to have him run out in all Nike!)

Please keep in mind, matching all the criteria above is not instant acceptance for Streamer Sponsorship. There will still be a deliberation process. We want to support and sponsor the right people, and not just anyone who applies. We’re anticipating a lot of activity around this, so we will only be replying to your application if we take a look at what you’re doing and are interested in taking things forward.

If you’re interested, please answer all the following questions honestly…

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