Hazard Core – Yellow Stream Overlay

Bold yellow stream overlay set for Twitch or YouTube broadcasting

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File size: 3.92MB
Fonts Used: Gidole

- Alert - Donation.png
- Alert - Host.png
- Alert - New Follower.png
- Footer Box.png
- Footer.png
- Facebook.png
- Header.png
- Instagram.png
- Snapchat.png
- Twitter.png
- YouTube.png
- Follower Goal.png
- Latest Follower.png
- Next Giveaway.png
- Now Playing.png
- Recent Donator.png
- Top Donator.png
- Panel - Gift.png
- Panel - Heart.png
- Panel - Music.png
- Webcam 4-3.png
- Webcam 16-9.png

Download Description

This yellow stream overlay set loosely draws influence from Titanfall 2, and mixes stark yellows with deep greys and blacks, creating a very bold, stand-out look.

Hazard Core features a floating header with interchangeable social media sections, a bottom strip with individual headings and boxes that can be used as required, floating stream info strips with icons (and, again, space to use the same headings). And finally the set includes a handful of stream alert graphics to use with services that flash alerts on your broadcast.

Purchase Options

  • I'll add your Twitch name, and social username(s). Ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge and who want a professional, quality finish.

  • Lay your own text over blank versions of these image files in OBS/xSplit (where there is text above, will instead be empty space).

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