gun metal stream overlay - Twitch Overlay

Gun Metal Stream Overlay

Monochrome & carbon twitch overlay for Twitch & Mixer streamers

Download Details

File size 12.1 MB
Fonts Used Bebas Neue (Heading) & Raleway Black (Social Media)
Streamlabs OBS setup file No

Download Description

The Gun Metal stream overlay features a metallic design with carbon accenting. Suitable for those streaming to Twitch or Mixer using OBS, Streamlabs or xSplit.

What will I find in this free gun metal stream overlay download?

  • Smart, carbon stream header with a stylish accent giving it an embedded look.
  • Separate social boxes and icons to use if needed.
  • Stream name in a neat silver finish.
  • Webcam frames in 4×3 and 16×9.
  • Photoshop PSD to edit the stream and social names yourself.

Other Twitch Overlay downloads that much this metallic design

Monochrome is one of my favourite color schemes for building stream overlays and other elements on, so you’ll find plenty to match this with. The Skeleton Key stream package features a lot of elements that’ll match. Carbon is also a set of stream designs very close to the vibe of Gun Metal.




webcam 4x3.png
webcam 16x9.png


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