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Circuit Ghost – Red Streaming Soon & BRB Screens

Red Stream Screens for Streamlabs and Stream Elements

Download Details

File size 170 MB
Fonts Used Earth Orbiter
Streamlabs Desktop setup file Yes

- cg-red-screens.overlay
- How to import the .overlay file in streamlabs OBS.txt

- stinger.webm
- /MP4/
- - cg-blank.mp4
- - red - soon.mp4
- - red - ending.mp4
- - red - brb.mp4
- /Social Media/
- - /Animated/
- - - discord.gif
- - - facebook.gif
- - - instagram.gif
- - - snapchat.gif
- - - tiktok.gif
- - - twitter.gif
- - - youtube.gif
- - /Still/
- - - discord.png
- - - facebook.png
- - - instagram.png
- - - snapchat.png
- - - tiktok.png
- - - twitter.png
- - - youtube.png
- /Still/
- - cg-blank.jpg
- - cg-brb.jpg
- - cg-ending.jpg
- - cg-offline.jpg
- - cg-soon.jpg

Download Description

Circuit Ghost is a set of red streaming soon & brb screens. Use these minimal futuristic designs to display streaming soon, be right back, stream ending, and stream offline info to your Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming audience. Works with Streamlabs OBS, xSplit, and OBS Studio.

In this red streaming soon & BRB screens download

  • 4x animated stream screens – be right back, streaming soon, streaming ending, and blank all-purpose.
  • 5x still stream screens – same as above, but provided as static JPG files. Stream Offline screen also included.
  • 7x social icons – optional animated social icons to include
  • Streamlabs OBS .overlay setup file – edit your social info easily via Streamlabs OBS

Color match these red streaming soon & brb screens

Red is a very popular color on the site, so there’s plenty to choose from similar to these red streaming soon & brb screens. In particular though, take a look at Soda Pop – it has a similar vibrant two tone coloring.

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This is an instant download

  • Provided without customization
  • Includes files in Download Contents
  • Files are compatible with OBS & xSplit
  • Personalise sections yourself.

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