Looterlands – Free Borderlands 3 Twitch Overlay

A free stream overlay for Gearbox's looter shooter

Free Borderlands 3 Twitch Overlay - Twitch Overlay

Download Details

File size 7.9 MB
Fonts Used OptiCompit-Regular
Streamlabs OBS setup file No



Panel - Donation.png
Panel - Follow.png

Social - Discord.png
Social - Facebook.png

Webcam 4x3.png
Webcam 16x9.png

Download Description

Looterlands is a free Borderlands 3 Twitch overlay with all the energy and color of the game itself, from gilded gold, to punk-inspired, and other things in between, it’s a cohesive look for your Borderlands 3 stream.

Here’s a rundown of what you can find in this Borderlands 3 Twitch overlay download:

  • Header – Bold red, grungy header strip housed around your own Borderlands logo-inspired username
  • 2 info panels – latest follower, and latest donation
  • 2 webcam frames – 16×9 and 4×3 ratio frames in gilded gold
  • Background – optional stream background styled in an ethereal sky blue
  • .PSD file – edit your username using Photoshop
Upgrade Available

If you like the look of this download, consider checking out Looterlands – Borderlands 3 Twitch Overlay and expanding on this stream design with a bunch of added extras...

Take a look for yourself!

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