Gothicon Full Stream Package

Gothic stream overlay, screens, panels, alerts, and more

Download Details

File size: 55 MB
Fonts Used: Plain Black Enchanted Land

- g-donation.png
- g-follower.png
- g-host.png
- g-sub.png
- gothicon-alerts-dl.psd
- gothicon-dl.psd
- Info.png
- Optional Background.png
- /Social/
- - Facebook.png
- - Instagram.png
- - Twitter.png
- - YouTube.png
- Currently Playing.png
- Donation Goal.png
- Follower Goal.png
- Recent Donation.png
- Recent Follower.png
- Recent Sub.png
- Webcam.png
/PB Avatar/
- gothicon-avatar-dl.psd
- gothicon-pb-dl.psd
/Profile Graphics/
- gothicon-pg-dl.psd
- pg_about.png
- pg_donate.png
- pg_facebook.png
- pg_instagram.png
- pg_rules.png
- pg_schedule.png
- pg_specs.png
- pg_steam.png
- pg_twitter.png
- pg_youtube.png
- gothicon-blank.jpg
- gothicon-brb.jpg
- gothicon-ending.jpg
- gothicon-offline.jpg
- gothicon-screens-dl.psd
- gothicon-soon.jpg

Download Description

The Gothicon full stream package offers up some of the coolest graphics on the site, combining gothic style with an almost cinematic finish, this is perfect for anyone with more grotesque and eerie tastes. A particularly strong choice if you focus on streaming horror games, or just one-off nights when you’re playing something spoopy!

Full package includes the following…

  • Cam Overlay – fully-featured cam overlay, with detachable info panel for stream details. Includes changeable titles for info sections, and social media icons. All these parts are provided as separate, transparent .PNGs (you can place them wherever you please).
  • 4x Stream Screens – Screens with “Stream Starting”, “Stream Ending”, “Stream Offline”, and “Be Right Back” titles so you can let your audience know what’s going on, as and when you need them.
  • 4x Stream Alerts – Alert your viewers in style, and make new followers/donators/subs feel a bit special, with pop-up alerts matching the Gothicon aesthetic.
  • 10x Profile Graphics – Panels for your profile headings, featuring icons matching their titles, included are About, Donate, Facebook, Instagram, Rules, Schedule, Specs, Steam, Twitter, and YouTube panels.
  • Profile Banner & Avatar – Complete the look with a matching avatar and profile banner for your stream. As these are based solely on personalisation, they’re are provided as .PSD files for your editing. If you’re purchasing Professional Customisation/Personalisation, you can ignore this message!
  • We personalise the overlay, stream screens, avatar, and banner parts of the bundle with your social usernames, and Twitch name. Note: this download is not instant, and will be delivered to you when complete.

  • Get the stock, standard versions of the items in this package. Unpersonalised, and often blank (personal text featured in previews is removed), ready for you to lay your own text over in OBS or xSplit, or edit in Photoshop

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