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Chrome Over Stream Overlay now available

January 7, 2016

chrome stream overlay - Twitch Overlay

I’ve been listening to a lot of feedback over the past few months, and the biggest request is always to add more options. More options for placement, more options for what to exclude or include, just more choice across the board. Chrome Over¬†answers that feedback, offering up multiple configurations and options for how you arrange the layout. There’s options to have your main name panel placed top or bottom, options for extra panels in the corners, choices of social icons, even the ability to detach the name panel (so to speak) and use it as a free-standing element. And hell, to top that off, it’s also one of the nicest looking overlays on T-O to date. Checkout this chrome stream overlay in more detail by clicking here.

Need help with your stream overlay?

With over 150 stream graphics available, this can all get a little overwhelming. Perhaps you don't know your Twitch overlays from your stream alerts, or what exactly Professional Customisation means on our stream design pages. Well, take a look at our guides section.

Stream overlays with a personal service

My name's Lou and since 2014 I've designed & maintained everything you see, from website to stream overlays. Twitch Overlay isn't impossibly large teams with zero accountability - any order or contact you make, you're talking to me and me alone so feel free to get in touch.

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Our newsletter is quite literally just an excuse for us to give away paid content. Over the past year we've given away VX Pro Chroma, Razor Purple, and Carbon stream overlays (each worth between $10-12) simply as a thanks for being subscribed. And when we're not doing that we're putting exclusive discounts in there, so generally it's a win-win.

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If your stream is picking up a little momentum and you're looking into ways to monetize, consider giving our affiliate program a try. The minimum requirements to join are very fair, and as you grow and refer more people our way, we'll bump up your cut! Plus once you become a preferred affiliate you can request any overlay at no cost.

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