GTA 5 twitch overlays - Twitch Overlay

3 stream designs to use as GTA 5 twitch overlays

July 5, 2019

GTA 5 twitch overlays - Twitch Overlay

If you’re looking for something to dress up those Grand Theft Auto streams, we’ve curated a group of 3 stream designs to use as GTA 5 twitch overlays which should help your channel pop a little more when folks are browsing for content to watch.


grey twitch overlay

This thing looks like a damn Shark Card, so naturally it belongs on this rundown. Featuring very smart monochrome touches and metallic edging, it’s a sophisticated option for a GTA 5 twitch overlay.

Checkout Carbon Stream Overlay:

Type Ultra

comic twitch overlay

Going in the exact opposite direction to Carbon, Type Ultra is a stream overlay with a punk-ish and poppy vibe, and fits in well with the wacky nature of the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s a good GTA 5 twitch overlay for streamers who like to mess around in the game, and inspire a fun vibe on their channel.

Checkout Type Ultra Stream Overlay:

Diamonds High

free red overlay

This last pick sort of falls right in the middle of the 2 stream overlays chosen above. It’s smart and monochromatic, but also has elements of color to give it character. It’s also a completely free GTA 5 twitch overlay option, along with the rest of the Diamonds High family, so a great option as a starter overlay.

Checkout Diamonds High Free Stream Overlay:

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