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What do you mean by update?

Anyone who’s ordered Professional Customisation for one of our downloads – be it an overlay, or stream screens, or whatever else – is more than welcome to make use of this service. I’ll edit an order you’ve made, and change the name or social media details to whatever you choose. All you need is the order number for download you’d like edited, and to provide the details you’d like to be changed.

This service is also available to anyone who has purchased an Instant Download and is having a little trouble making edits, or is in way over their head.

Why are you charging for this?

Professional Customisation of stream graphics here at Twitch Overlay takes a lot more work than you might think. Storage constraints, for instance, prevent us from storing an individual .PSD for each and every Professional Customisation order (given the amount of customers we serve, we would actually require hundreds of terabytes of space to do so!) So every project is derived from a series of master files, and no details/customisations are retained within these files.

It’s important to understand that when you make up details that don’t exist, or leave blank parts and ask “can I just get it done later when I register it?”, and then come back days, weeks, or even months down the line asking to change your overlay or files with different details, we are essentially having to do so from scratch, as we would do a whole new project. This extra work stretches us very thin, and it’s only fair that rather than refuse this, we make it worth the additional time we’re committing.

Please note, we cannot amend files we haven’t created – please only use this service if you’ve ordered a Premium Download with Professional Customisation.


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We sell graphics, not software or tools. All downloads are provided as collections of industry-standard image types (.jpg, .png, .gif, .webm, .mp4, and .psd for editing). As always, if you have any issues with anything feel free to make contact.

Useful Guides & Help

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