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No Escape – Escape from Tarkov Twitch Overlay

A stream overlay inspired by Escape from Tarkov

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File size 72.8 MB
Fonts Used Header: Retro Team Social: Young Frankenstein
Streamlabs Desktop setup file No


- alert-bits.webm
- alert-donation.webm
- alert-follower.webm
- alert-host.webm
- alert-sub.webm

- background.jpg
- Header.png

- panel-bits.gif
- panel-blank.gif
- panel-donation.gif
- panel-donation-top.gif
- panel-follower.gif
- panel-music.gif
- panel-sub.gif

- banner.png
- Discord.png
- Facebook.png
- girder.png
- Instagram.png
- Mixer.png
- PSN.png
- Snapchat.png
- Twitch.png
- Twitter.png
- XBOX.png
- YouTube.png

\Webcam\Broken Glass\
- Webcam 4x3.png
- Webcam 16x9.png

- Webcam 4x3.png
- Webcam 16x9.png

Download Description

No Escape is an Escape from Tarkov Twitch overlay inspired by the look of the game. For use with OBS, xSplit, and Streamlabs on all the major stream platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Live.

After what feels like 83 years of Escape from Tarkov lingering around the middle of the pack in Twitch popularity, it’s now risen to the top, and in support of all the new streamers of the game we’ve got this grungy, industrial stream overlay for you.

Take a look at other grunge-tagged items in our library to see things to pair this overlay with.

What’s in this Escape from Tarkov Twitch Overlay?

The contents of this download are broken down as follows…

  • Header (PNG) – Concrete, grungy finish with block username.
  • Social Strip (PNGs) – Broken down into parts, features an iron girder graphic, social banner background, and 10 social icons to use as required.
  • Webcams (PNGs) – Shattered glass, and clear options each with 16×9 and 4×3 sizes.
  • 7 animated info panels (GIFs) – Show off your followers, donations, etc. with these distorted effect panels for showing stream info.
  • 5 animated alerts (WEBM) – Simple, cloudy twitch alerts. These are provided in WEBM format, this is accepted on most platforms be do check with your preferred platform before using.
  • Background (JPG) – Dark, sea green, concrete textured background in 1080p.
  • Photoshop PSD to personalise your own heading and social info.

Buy Options

  • We'll add your stream name, and social username(s). Ideal for those without Photoshop knowledge and who want a professional, quality finish.

    What is Professional Customisation?
    Delivery: 12-24 hours (ZIP file)
  • Unpersonalised, and often blank (personal text featured in previews is removed), ready for you to lay your own text over in OBS or xSplit, or edit the .PSD files in Photoshop.

    Delivery: Instant (ZIP file)
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